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About Us

We (Nick Johnson and Colby Stepp) started Dumpster Worx with three things in mind.


  1. Let’s provide a good honest living for our families, where we can teach our boys the value of hard work and earning a dollar.

  2. Let’s provide a service to our community in an effort to make Wilson County (and surrounding areas) cleaner and more beautiful.

  3. Let’s provide the customer service and compassion we’ve come to expect from other local businesses.


Here at DumpsterWorx, we are focused on how we can make your life better. It’s no secret that cleaning can be stressful. We try to eliminate as much of that possible. Whether you’re cleaning up brush and debris on your land, clearing an attic, demoing a rental house, or building your dream home, we are here to help you! We live here in the community that we serve, and we have a vested interest in keeping Wilson County clean and beautiful for our children. Our intention is to provide our customers with best customer service with the most upfront pricing in all of the dumpster business.  


Here is a little bit about us. Colby was born and raised right up the road. He moved down into Wilson County a few years ago, and has been in love with the place ever since. His wife grew up in Wilson and wanted to raise her family here like she was. Having two boys and a third on the way, he and his wife see the value in raising their boys the right way!


I (Nick) was born and raised in Wilson. Now living over in Sims, I joke that I am as close to the county line as I want to get. My wife and I have a little boy and a little girl. Our family loves living here, and this was one of the best ways I could think of to give a meaningful service back to our community. 


This business means so much to the two of us. Our sons enjoy seeing us dump the dumpsters, our wives appreciate our friendship turned business venture, and we enjoy running a business together for the betterment of our community. There’s no shortage of large scale companies, but we strive to be your local help! Please give us a call if there’s anything we can do to help. 

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